Starting from the “center” of Turin
With the aim of fill up AtlasFor all over Italy, we started from the center of Turin: a perfect place to show the virtues of our Atlas in an urban context full of history and activities.
Today, Turin is certainly one of the most intriguing European cities for those who know how to get carried away by curiosity, how to get off the rails of defined interests and let themselves follow unexpected traces that AtlasFor brings out along the road, just a stone’s throw from official destinations.
The aim is to tell the complexity of the City of the “Savoy Residences”, registered in the UNESCO list, to facilitate the exploration of the intriguing little-known world that is available within a kilometer from the Egyptian Museum, from The Cinema Museum or from the Car’s one.
The map shows with images that famous buildings and churches are leaned on each square, that every historical place is inside an urban space with its own history, that every street is full of events that make it alive and full of intriguing characters who have lived it.
With APPA (the Atlas of Heritage and Active Landscape) we not only try to tell the story of yesterday, but we would like to make the inhabitants and visitors more interested in the opportunities for the future that the different districts of the city offer. A wide variety of themes is offered: dozens of museums, galleries, places that host cultural performances, there are many laboratories that develop smart city ideas, we are rich in subjects that continue and innovate the tradition of social saints in the art of hospitality and assistance to the poorer etc.
In just a few hundred meters, between the Dora River and Corso Dante, between the Po River and Porta Susa, AtlasFor tells the stories and the charm of 100 places, which are part of our cultural heritage. At the same time it showcases the initiatives of 100 operators engaged in active landscape: associations, foundations, managers of clubs and performing arts, urban quality researchers, innovators in hospitality services.
We are involving these operators to become direct protagonists of their history and their projects: at the presentation on 9 April 2019 an architect, a manager of an historic cafe, an art gallery manager tell their way of participating in AtlasFor, opening the way to others.
With specific-category groups (hoteliers or architects for example), tourism promotion agencies (ATL Torino and the Province for example), agencies for the monitoring of cultural activities (the Piedmont Cultural Observatory for example) we are agreeing on how to participate and disseminate this initiative: in the next few months we will complete Turin, but within the year we expect to develop APPA with another 100 places and 100 subjects of the active landscape in the Langhe and Monferrato, in the Canavese, and in the Val di Susa.

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