What is APPA?

APPA is a project for “populating” Atlasfor, to illustrate within 2020 about 10.000 points of interest, displaying two different, but complementary, aspects of Italian landscape which could be read for the first time through their interactions and linked by itineraries:

  1. The heritage, widespread emergencies in the surroundings of UNESCO’s assets (Patrimonio, MAB, Città Creative, and their surroundings) and historical routes (Roman and Francigene).
  2. The “active landscape”: subjects of excellence, providers of receptiveness’ services, local productions, initiatives to promote local identities.


Is the project that allows those entities of “active landscape” to promote and advertise their initiatives. Operators can autonomously manage their Events’ window and, during the days prior to the event, the icon of that Pint of Interest (POI) will sparkle and will be included inside an events’ calendar. 

Currently, the actions launched on APPACALL are Turin Modern Architectures and Monviso’s Bike Lane.


We are about to publish on Atlasfor a collection of 20 “Revealed Architecture” based on the selections conducted by the Foundation of the Order of Architects of Turin. If you have been awarded or you are the designer of an intervention of public interest, made for the metropolitan city in the last 20 years, you can propose one of your projects. You can register using the format below, draw up a POI – Point of Interest – card about your intervention (following the simple instructions you will find during compilation) thus becoming one of the editors of AtlasFOR; otherwise – after contacting us – you can send your materials so that they can be edited in the form of POIs.

In both cases, you will become part of the ACTORS of APPA Piemonte and you can become a member of the LandscapeFOR association and report your other works; or draw up cards of places and/or assets that you studied, or even open a window of NEWS that you can manage with all your initiatives. These new works will be published after the evaluation of a scientific commission.

>> Enter and Sign up in Turin Modern Architectures


Are you a promoter of cultural activities or accommodation in the strip along the Po? 

Look here if your initiatives are mentioned among those of excellence that we have located on the basis of the lists provided by the Po Park, by ATL Turin and Province and by the Polo del’900. Otherwise propose your activity for slow tourism, curious, and interested in people besides places. In any case, by registering on APPA you can create a window for your initiatives and become one of the editors of AtlasFOR. Otherwise, write to us and we will strike a deal: you send the materials that describe your business and we edit them as Points of Interest (POI). So you will enter the list of ACTORS APPA Piemonte and you can report independently events and news in the window of NEWS, participating in the continuous updating of the calendar of initiatives in the Turin area.

>> Enter and Sign up in Monviso’s Bike Lane