AtlasFor Ukraine is a digital map to share the feelings of Ukranians abroad: a personal and collective work-in-progress about beloved urban spaces, heritage and places to remember.

Here you can find the Ukranian Archive:

We collected unique memories and impressions about these places, with the purpose of recreating the Ukraine we want to find again.

Personal Impressions, like texts and videos, are stories about Ukrainian heritage, happy and nostalgic moments about peace and war in a selected place.

AtlasFor also have an educational purpose. You can visit closed museums and other inaccessible places, by looking at images and materials that already exists online.

With your help, we are building a map in which any of you can add images or videos, geolocate streets, squares, houses and contribute to fill the map.

If you want to share your belong places, we translated tutorials for users in Ukranian on our Wiki:


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