Atlas For Visite Acquese is the Landscapefor project dedicated to the territory surrounding the Piedmontese city of Acqui Terme. This research allowed LandscapeFor to express one of its main missions, that of communicating suburban territories that are less explored but still rich in cultural, touristic and landscape heritage.

The work carried out from November 2020 to November 2021 for the Atlasfor Visits Acqui and Acquese project produced two local archives, within every local points of interest were geo-localized and deepened, for a total number of 89 sheets (POIs).

The first archive focuses on the Urban City of Acqui Terme. The municipality itself provided material, texts and images, divided into 32 files related to various city points of interest. A total of 31 POIs were created. In particular, they concern the main points of interest such as New and Old Baths, the Bollente, the Castle and Archaeological Museum, the Ottolenghi Shelter, the Wedekind Villa, the Cathedral and the Basilica dell’Addolorata.

The other archive ranges over the surrounding area, namely the Acquese, puts 59 POIs at your disposal. The staff of the municipality of Acqui Terme made themselves available for a fruitful exchange of information, which together with our staff’s research made it possible to produce these media-rich cards, our digital content ranging from photographs to videos to archival sources. The relationship with the Acqui area thus passes through direct contact with the municipality of Acqui Terme, allowing the mapping project to move out of the urban center and focus on neighbouring areas, typically less frequented and known, dealing with 35 municipalities in the Acqui area.

The meetings allowed our editorial staff to organize an archive of material useful for mapping on AtlasFor. Images have been added, particularly historical maps, paintings and details from texts and sites.

The municipalities were chosen by the editorial staff and the municipality of Acqui after a research on the territorial reality, which led to a substantial collection of material from institutions on the following municipalities:

Alice bel colle, Bosio, Campomorone, Castellazzo Bormida, Ceranesi, Cremolino, Grognardo, Incisa Scapaccino, Lerma, Maranzana, Molare, Mombaruzzo, Monastero Bormida, Morsasco, Orsara Bormida, Ovada, Prasco, Quaranti, Ricaldone, Tiglieto, and Trisobbio.

Raytrayen Lauria Beakovic, Edi Guerzoni, and Isabella Rizzitano were responsible for the editing of the Aquitaine area sheets. Other municipalities were mapped by our research team, given the presence of several points of interest, although no particular direct sources were found. Efforts were also made, however, to carry out as best as possible the sheets for the municipalities of Bistagno, Bubbio, Bosco, Marengo, Casaleggio Boiro, Gavi, Masio, Roccaverano, Rocca-Grimalda, San Cristoforo, Tagliolo Monferrato, Visone, and Voltaggio.