The Guest’s narration VS the Glance of the Visitor: that is why we are looking for those who take care of places and we ask the images and information to present “their” Point of Interest. We look for the Guest’s narration because is way more intriguing, exciting, engaging than other tour guides. Because it introduces people not only stones, businesses not only monuments, local pride and sense of identity not only history and nature to the international public. Because it is updated: each user can use a “window” to autonomously publicize his own initiatives, services, products and events.

If with the Guest’s narration you get in touch with the active landscape, with the Glance of the Visitor you become the active landscape.

On Atlasfor an entire section is dedicated to present art reproductions (photos, paintings, videos, music) where they were created. In this way, we could be surprised by Bellotto, Gabinio and Basilico’s shots.

Furthermore, Atlasfor allows you to allocate your described images to a private archive, to create a real storytelling of your impressions with your dossiers and itineraries, or create reports with materials present on Atlas or new ones.

Atlasfor’s goals: narrate assets and cultural activities according to local competencies (the Guest’s narration) and collect impressions and explorations (the Glance of the Visitor).

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