From April 2022, Landscapefor begun the AtlasFor Ukraine Project for helping Ukrainians refugees around Turin and Genova, in Italy. We realized an Archive for Ukrainian people abroad, to help them find all places useful for them. All information is geo-localized and everybody can read the map while it is in progress, on an open-source platform, with texts in English, Italian, and Ukrainian.

The AtlasFor Ukraine map is organised on three activities:

1: After the Initial Reception

We offer refugees an orientation service with a map in Ukrainian language, accessible from smartphone. The web app, with the around me service is useful to geo-localise for finding all places and services for Initial Reception.

We are working on reception in Turin and Genova. We add to the map all health center and places to stay for a long period. Furthermore, we collect a list of churches lied to Ukrainians communities, but also shops and grocery stores with products from the country they had to left. They can also find microcredit institutions, banks, open markets, public parks, green spots, sport’s organisations and impactful cultural heritages to discover.

2: Beloved Places

We propose to refugees to valorise their identity, to present and exchange cultural knowledges between their country and Italian cities. AtlasFor started to upload photos, videos, and podcast about Beloved Places of Ukrainians people in the map. The AtlasFor Ukraine Map is a work in progress where everybody can upload their favourite places and participate in collecting fresco of images about their territories.

We work with two young Ukrainians collaborators who help us with translation and communication with this cultural community. They just begin a networking campaign for filling the map with Beloved Places of Ukraine.

3: Personal Identity and Cultural Heritage

AtlasFor Ukraine is aimed at students who want to participate both to offer their contents and to reflect on heritage aspects touched from their studies. We also aimed at adult public, for making emerge their values of identity lied to cultural heritage, connecting the past and the present of their community places.

We are proud to have support from Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the European Committee on Culture and Education.Our project is free and non-profit, as our Association is.

Here you can find the letter we sent to European Commission 

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