APPA – The Atlas of Heritage and Active Landscape (APPA is the italian acronym) is the operational program for Atlasfor people with the Guest’s narration and the Glance of the Visitor. We want to illustrate 5.000 Heritage points of interest and 5.000 of the active Landscape, for the first time legible in their interactions and connected by itineraries.

In the first phase of the program, attention is focused on cultural heritage, on widespread emergencies in the contexts of UNESCO-qualified heritage (the surroundings of the Sites from the Heritage List, MAB, Creative Cities) and the main historical routes (Roman and Francigene). There are more than 50 areas that include over a third of the country and over half of the major cultural heritage, put on display to promote heritage, valuable activities and the less known services, but valuable for a better distribution of tourist flows and a spread of the effects of the polarization of the assets registered in the list.

For the “active landscape”, excellence activities, service providers for receptivity, typical productions, initiatives to enhance local identities. They are selected by local stakeholders in the same areas explored for cultural heritage. They can exhibit their activities in Atlas, distinguished by thematic aspects:

1.    museums, eco-museums and parks,

2.    installations and initiatives of contemporary art,

3.    initiatives and practices for the quality of the material and immaterial landscape – e.g. selected in Premio del Paesaggio,

4.    initiatives to enhance goods with cultural activities and performing arts,

5.    Connecting smart city initiatives (sharing services, innovative territorial knowledge and functionality, soft mobility etc),

6.    production activities and services for the green society,

7.    initiatives and services for landscape and special quality accommodation – e.g. for bathing, or mountain hiking,

8.    activities of quality rural production and services, (from farmers’ associations etc.).

For the 2018 APPA program is included among the initiatives for the European Year of Cultural Heritage, and regards the surroundings of the sites UNESCO and historical ways of Liguria and Piedmont, that is:

    of the Savoy residences,

    of the wine hills of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato,

    of the Sacred Mountains,

    of pile-dwelling sites,

    of the Mab of Po River,

    of the Francigene ways (Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta).

    Of the Rolli palaces of Genoa,

    of the 5 Terre,

    of the Via Aurelia (Liguria),

The “CALL” section lists the approximately 300 places in the areas of Piedmont and Liguria, for which we propose to the local subjects to collect the materials for the documentation files of the Heritage and its activities.

Who is active in Liguria, Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta and is interested in participating in Atlasfor, even if in other places, can register and propose its contribution to

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